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The month of the Japanese culture

As has been the tradition since 1947, the 3rd of November is the International Day of Japanese Culture, commemorating the birth of Emperor Meiji on the 3rd of November 1852, a key figure in the reform of the Japanese imperial system. The University of Pécs has strong ties with Japanese universities, and with this in mind we dedicate our November showcase to the fascinating aspects of Japan.

In 2022, Otaka Masato the Japanese ambassador visited the University of Pécs to discuss the situation of Japanese students with the university management. In addition, the Hungarian Ambassador to Japan studied at PTE, so the landscapes of Pécs will greet visitors at the Hungarian Embassy in Tokyo. Japan's mythical world has long fascinated those who are drawn to mystery and adventure. A visit as a tourist guarantees a lifelong, unforgettable experience. With its samurais, refined arts and delicious cuisine, Japan is a captivating destination. Through our exhibition and blog posts, we aim to introduce these to the curious.

Japan is made up of some 14,000 islands, nearly 260 of which are inhabited, with Tokyo as its capital, a megacity of 13 million people and a global business centre.

Japan is a blend of old and new, tradition and the future. Traditional thinking persists in an ultra-modern context, with development and technology flourishing in a society where the imperial family has ruled for 2000 years. 

What is it that attracts people to this unique culture? What is Japan really like? What study opportunities await PTE students there?

We explore these questions as we delve into the lives of samurais and figure skaters, navigate the world of gastronomy, and immerse ourselves in the realms of art and anime.

The exhibition can be viewed at:

South Transdanubian Regional Library and Knowledge Center, 0th floor lobby, next to the registration desk (2/A Universitas Street, Pécs)

Photos by Johanna Kádár

Curated by: Johanna Kádár, Zsuzsanna Gergely, Anna Eby Varghese

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