Learning and Music: Spotify Playlist for Studying


We are in the midst of the exam period, and we would like to support and encourage you during this challenging time. To help, we have put together a relaxing music playlist to aid your studying.

Numerous studies have been conducted on why music is important and its effects. According to the latest research, listening to music can improve concentration and logical skills.

There is a phenomenon called the Mozart effect, first reported by Frances H. Rauscher, a neuroscientist at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. In the study, one group of students listened to Mozart sonatas for 10 minutes and then solved logical tasks. The research found that students who listened to music before the task performed significantly better than their peers who did not listen to music.

Many factors contribute to successful learning, and besides music, there are several other methods that can help our brain absorb the vast amount of information more easily.

In addition to the music, we would like to share some tips for a successful exam period:

  • - Try to get up and do something else at least every 45 minutes.
  • - Keep the room where you study relatively cool.
  • - Separate the time allocated for studying and resting.
  • - When you study, focus only on studying, and when you rest, avoid quickly glancing over study material.
  • - Alongside drinking tea and coffee, make sure you consume an adequate amount of water.

We wish you successful preparation and enjoyable listening!

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