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The fashion design toolkit : 18 patternmaking techniques for creative practice

With The Fashion Design Toolkit you'll learn how tried-and-tested techniques like gathers, pleats, tucks, and twists can help you adapt patterns and create your own original garment designs. Tracy Jennings walks you through 18 patterning tactics to inspire fresh ideas, demonstrating how embracing pattern drafting skills can lead to innovative and effective collections...

Each technique is illustrated in a variety of contexts, showing how and why it has been used by other designers, so you can use the history of each tool as inspiration for your original collections. Ethical practice is woven throughout the book, with tips on how to implement techniques in an environmentally sustainable way.

The 18 essential techniques are divided into 5 categories:

Establishing Fit and Flare: Darts, Slash & Spread, Seaming, Insets
Channeling Fullness: Gathers, Ruffles, Pleats, Tucks
Fashioning the Fluid and Unstructured: Arcs, Flounces, Drapes, Twists
Engineering Fabric and Form: Contouring, Structure, Textile Designs
Focusing on Concepts: Adaptation, Reduction, Zero Waste