Change in default password!



In order to ensure the information technology security of the library’s web pages, from the 1st March 2023, readers who do not change their default password before will be able to log in with an eight-digit code containing the full date of birth to use our services. 

From the 1st March 2023, if the birth date is 28 November, 1980, readers can log in to the web page with the following password: 19801128 

In the Knowledge Centre our readers can log in with this eight-digit code containing the full date of birth (YYYYMMDD) in order to use our printing and mobile printing services.

This change will not affect readers who changed their default password previously or will change it before the 1st March2023. 
We suggest our readers to change their default password as soon as possible. 

Log in to your account here:

Kind regards, 
The Librarians 

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