Terminology Documentation Centre

The TDC is an education and research supporting department that was founded in 2006 at the University of Pécs Faculty of Economics and was approved by the 18 October 2006 session of the Council of the Faculty of Economics.  In the beginning it was a part of the Economic Methodology Institute but later it became a unit of the University of Pécs Library and Centre for Learning.

The aim of establishing TDC was to create a centre of knowledge, which helps research and development and manages the results of researches.  TDC wants to serve the case of knowledge, the utilization of research results in practical life and Hungarian terminology with the following activities:

    - Collecting Hungarian and international terminology themed publications and ensuring accessibility to those interested.

    - Issuing publications dealing with Hungarian terminology questions.

    - Submitting already existing terminology collections via LAN.

    - Creating and submitting other multilingual terminology collections via LAN.

   - Contributing to the quality assurance of Hungarian and multilingual terminology with joint researches. Publishing joint projects’ results and making available to those interested.  

    - Launching international terminology projects and publishing project results in book form or via a computer network.

    - Elaborating and assuring the electronic background of access.

    - Developing the education base of terminology knowledge.

Bibliography of specialized vocabulary

The purpose of our bibliography, stored in an electronic system, in the form of a database, is to enumerate any monolingual, bilingual, multi-lingual work that will compile a specialized vocabulary of a particular field and which:

- appeared in Hungary

- not published in Hungary, but has a Hungarian author

- one of the languages is Hungarian.

The collection also includes works called dictionaries, e.g. manuals with a dictionary-like appendix.


Head:Arató Balázs
2/A. Universitas u.  7622 Pécs
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