Basic and other services

    Our visitors can use the following services for free:

      • - visiting the library
      • - local use of certain collections designated by the library
      • - use of traditional/printed catalogs
      • - information/basic level of professional information
      • - use of electronic/online catalogs
      • - information about library services and library system services
      • - services available without registration via the website of the library

    Library services that need registration:

      • -renting certain parts of the library holdings designated by the library,
      • -reservation
      • -interlibrary loan
      • -advanced level of professional information
      • -use of local knowledge collection and music collection
      • -computer and internet use, Wi-Fi access
      • -use of programs installed by the library on library machines
      • -use of e-databases and electronic journals subscribed by the library
      • -local use of our CDs and DVDs

    From 15 August 2019, the regulations regarding the use of the libraries of the Centre for Knowledge have been amended.

    The visitors can now bring the following items:
    - laptop bags and cases
    - normal sized handbag
    - backpack
    - (normal sized) briefcase
    - bottle drink (mineral water)

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