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After World War I the University of Bratislava moved to Pécs but the material of the university library remained in Bratislava. Despite the difficult financial circumstances which followed the war, the supplementation of the library stock – thanks to the donations of private persons and libraries – progressed relatively fast. The then bishop of Pécs, Gyula Zichy put the building and the stock of the bishop’s library at the disposal of the university together with the ancient volumes of the Klimo Library. The systematization and the professional processing of the library material were started by one of the outstanding persons of Hungarian library science, József Fitz. This stock constitutes the basis of the collection of the Central Library.

The growth of the collection was always determined by the faculties taught at the university. As the number of faculties increased so did the library as the literature of the new sciences appeared in it. Its stock of books and periodicals is formed in cooperation with the various faculty libraries.

The main task of the library is to facilitate the educational, research, healing, scientific and artistic activities carried out at the university, but as a public library it is also open to the citizens of the region. It is one of the bases of domestic interlibrary document services. As the head institution of the library network of the University of Pécs it organizes the activities of the faculty and institute libraries and also performs central tasks. Its use of an integrated computerized library system ensures the usage of domestic and foreign databases necessary for research.

Its most recent tasks include making the library’s most valuable books and those in greatest demand available using the latest digital techniques. The Museum of University History has been a part of the library organization since 2004 and the exhibition at No. 3 Szepesy Ignác Street has been open to the public since 2010.

Since October 2010 the Central Library has operated in the South-Transdanubian Regional Library and Knowledge Centre at No. 2/a Universitas Street.

Our Strategy

The University of Pécs Library and Knowledge Centre is the only institutional unit at the university that has support functions that does not directly carry out research/teaching activities related to the faculties, nor cover the operational areas of the university administrative organizations’ activities (Rector's Office, Chancellery, various directorates). Its task in fact is to provide the units and the citizens of the university (the Universitas as a whole) all that support and services that help research, education/learning and university administration, that often form the basis for their operation. Accordingly, the essence of the overall strategic goals of the Library is to provide support for university research and teaching, and – at the same time – to manage and further develop the information service portfolio that satisfies the wider societal needs at a high quality level.

The Strategic Plan of the University of Pécs Library and Knowledge Centre 2020–2023 

Our Vision

The Library of the University of Pécs aims to be the foremost specialized scientific library of the region serving educational, learning, research, healing and artistic activities through its integrated network. The library – through its role relating the provision of scientific information in Pécs and the South Transdanubian region – is a key player in national library provision. The Library – as the custodian and disseminator of the knowledge created at the University of Pécs and its legal predecessors, as well as on the domestic and international scientific scene – supports the creation of new scientific results based on authentic sources. Because of its traditional and digital services dynamically adapting to the ever-changing needs of information society, its local library network, and the attitude and competencies of its well-trained staff, the University of Pécs Library and Knowledge Centre is a freely accessible source of scientific knowledge.

September 15 2020

Our Mission

In this age where society is based on information and knowledge the University Library defines itself as an institute which provides a high standard of information which facilitates the learning, education, research, healing carried out at the university being the information centre for transmitting knowledge at the university, contributes to the professional quality of the university, the core element of the university’s existence being a public library, offers services in literature for Pécs and the South-Transdanubian region.

Our library network

The University of Pécs Library and Knowledge Centre consists of 16 library units that can be reached from here.

University of Pécs Library and Knowledge Centre
Location:2/a Universitas Street Pécs 7622
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P.O.B.: 450 Pécs 7602
Phone number:72 / 501-650 / ext. 28052

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Deputy Director-General for Strategy and Innovation

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