Jurriaan Schrofer, (1926-90) : restless typographer

Schrofer, Jurriaan: Jurriaan Schrofer, (1926-90) : restless typographer. Unit Editions, London, 2013, 139 oldal
ISBN: 978 0 9562071 8 0

In her introductory essay, the design writer Frederike Huygen refers to Jurriaan Schroffer as a ‘computer-designer before the computer’. Schrofer worked for the renowned design studio Total Design and was an outspoken figure within Dutch professional design organisations. He was an experimentalist in letterforms and typography; a pioneer in corporate identity; a designer of photo books; and art director of the architectural magazine Forum. The book is luxuriously printed with a spot Pantone and has an open printed spine. The front and back covers have a matt textured finish.

Graphic design theory : readings from the field

Graphic design theory : readings from the field. Princeton Architectural Press, New York, 2009, 151 oldal
ISBN: 978 1 56898 772 9

The titles in our best-selling Design Brief series are highly praised by graphic design students, educators, and professionals worldwide as invaluable resources. Each beautifully designed, affordable volume offers a concise overview of a design fundamental--the hows of design. But as most seasoned designers will tell you, a comprehensive education also requires an understanding of the whys of design practice. Graphic Design Theory presents groundbreaking, primary texts from the most important historical and contemporary design thinkers. From Aleksandr Rodchenko's "Who We Are: Manifesto of the Constructivist Group" to Kenya Hara's "Computer Technology and Design," this essential volume provides the necessary foundation for contemporary critical vocabulary and thought...

The Thames and Hudson dictionary of graphic design and designers / Alan and Isabella Livingston

Alan and Isabella Livingston: The Thames and Hudson dictionary of graphic design and designers . Thames & Hudson, London, 2012, 260 oldal
ISBN: 978 0 500 20413 9

This comprehensive reference work provides indispensable information about typographers, journals, movements and styles, organizations and schools, printers, art directors, technological advances, design studios, graphic illustrators and poster artists...

The end of print : the graphik design of David Carson / by Lewis Blackwell

Lewis Blackwell: The end of print : the graphik design of David Carson . Laurence King, London, 2012,
ISBN: 978 1 85669 216 8

The End of Print is the definitive statement of the work of the great iconoclast designer, David Carson. In print for the first time in several years, this classic book has itself become part of the history of graphic design. It features work from the magazines where Carson first made his mark – including Transworld Skateboarding, Surfer, Beach Culture and Ray Gun – as well as his instantly recognizable advertisements for clients such as Nike, Pepsi, MTV and Sony. Lewis Blackwell’s text includes an interview in which Carson examines the origins of his approach and discusses the extreme reactions to his work.

Paper engineering for designers : pop-up skills and techniques / Keith Finch

Keith Finch: Paper engineering for designers : pop-up skills and techniques . Thames & Hudson, London, 2013,
ISBN: 978 0 500 51703 1

This comprehensive guide will appeal to all craft enthusiasts, it is also a great aid for designers and illustrators thinking of working with paper engineering. Beginning with the basics: V-Folds and Parallel Folds – the essential structures of many pop-ups, it then explores ways to create more complex mechanisms, such as pull-tabs, pivots, wheels and dissolving windows! ...

Typography / Denise Gonzales Crisp

Denise Gonzales Crisp: Typography . Thames & Hudson, London, 2012, 256 oldal
ISBN: 978 0 500 29050 7

Above all, the book emphasizes the importance of context and of understanding the related systems, such as audience, technology and language, within which typography functions...

Typography sketchbooks / Steven Heller, Lita Talarico

Steven Heller, Lita Talarico: Typography sketchbooks . Thames & Hudson, London, 2014,
ISBN: 978 0 500 28968 6

Aimed at all those who use type, whether by hand or on screen, and selected by the world’s most knowledgeable and well-connected graphic design commentator, Steven Heller, this survey gets into the minds of designers who create typefaces, word-images and logos through their private sketchbooks...

The typographic universe : letterforms found in nature, the built world and human imagination / Steven Heller, Gail Anderson

Steven Heller, Gail Anderson: The typographic universe : letterforms found in nature, the built world and human imagination . Thames & Hudson, London, 2014, 351 oldal
ISBN: 978 0 500 24145 5

Virtually anything can be used to make original typography and once you start looking, it is impossible not to see letters everywhere, from deliberate inventions – aromatic alphabets made of spaghetti, soup or spices, or contorted typefaces styled out of human handprints – to serendipitous and often short-lived discoveries – letters formed by chemtrails in the sky, negative spaces between trees branches and city buildings, cracks in plaster – to fading ‘ghost types’ painted on buildings in a pre-digital age.

Graphic stamps / [ed. Tony Brook, Adrian Shaughnessy]

Graphic stamps. Unit Editions, London, 2016, 328 oldal
ISBN: 978-0-9932316-4-3

The Archive Series is a bibliographic celebration of graphic design archives and collections. The first title in the new series is devoted to the design of postage stamps. Sourced from the collections of stamp design experts Iain Follett and Blair Thomson, the book celebrates the brilliance of postage stamp design from around the world...

Spin : [Three Hundred and Sixty Degrees]

Spin : [Three Hundred and Sixty Degrees]. Unit Editions, London, 2015, 520 oldal
ISBN: 9780957511484

Spin: 360º is a portrait of one of London’s leading design studios. It is a 520pp monograph that looks in mouth-watering detail at every aspect of Spin’s work in identity, print, moving image, retail, digital and environmental graphics, as well as the studio’s self-directed activities in publishing, curating and collecting...

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